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eJP: Professionalizing a Field

Over the years, at Studio 70 in Berkeley, we’ve been excited about many new and innovative initiatives taking place in the afterschool Jewish learning space. We’ve made it a priority of our organization to share our own work as well as celebrate the work of others...


eJP: A Response to David Bryfman

Last week an article hit my inbox with a provocative title, “Why Jewish Education Doesn’t Suck.” I was excited to read what I imagined would be an explanation of how great Jewish education is...


Ivrit Where It Counts

Every day at 1:45 pm the announcement is made in the Edah afterschool program, “Ha Misada Petucha” (the restaurant is open). The Misada is part full-service restaurant, part immersive language learning space, and it hums with activity each day as children sit at the counter and order something to eat.


Legos for Everyone

On a recent afternoon, a group of second graders stand around a table. Taped the long way down the middle of the table is a strip of blue construction paper, a river...


eJP: Field Trips for Everyone

There’s nothing like a field trip to shake things up. And this goes the same for teachers as it does for students. Getting out of your every-day space to see something new ...