Edah FAQ

Food served at Edah is vegetarian and kosher under the supervision of our Executive Director, Rabbi Joshua Fenton. At Edah, we prepare a hot meal every day along with a variety of healthy snacks. Edah also provides for additional dietary needs including food allergies.
  • Studio 70 is closed on all major Jewish holidays and, with the exception of occasional holiday-specific events, does not run programs on those days.
  • Edah follows the BUSD and SFUSD calendars and on days when there is no school in the local district (national and school holidays), the afterschool program is also closed.
  • Studio 70 offers day-long camps on select national and school district holidays which many parents choose to take advantage of.
Edah tuition is the same regardless of which days you chose. Every year, there is some variation in the number of meetings for each program day due to changes in the Jewish and school calendars.
There is no afterschool on camp days. Registration for camp days is open to all children grades K-5, including children who normally attend Edah on that day.
Camps are not included in the Edah afterschool program. Edah children to receive a discount for all Camp days. Click here for a camp pricing.
Absolutely! Many children begin Edah with no background or previous exposure to Hebrew.
We believe strongly in making Edah an inclusive space and work hard to make it so for all children. To learn more about this, please contact Edah to discuss your child’s specific needs and what resources and support we are able to offer.
Graduates of Edah often transition into one of the many different Bat or Bar mitzvah programs in the community. The Edah curriculum is designed to have them ready for those programs but we do not offer Bat or Bar Mitzvah training.
Yes. We offer need based financial aid. To learn more please visit our financial aid page. If you wish to contribute to the Edah financial aid fund, please see our Donate page.
Edah offers a reduced tuition rate for children who arrive later in the afternoon and therefore have a shorter day at Edah. A child’s arrival time at Edah depends on their school’s dismissal time. If you are dropping off your child at Edah, refer to the time that you will drop them off.

  • First Arrival: The child’s school day ends (or dropped off) in the 1 o’clock hour.
    (BUSD K early-start, Albany K, El Cerrito K)
  • Second Arrival: The child’s school day ends (or dropped off) in the 2 o’clock hour
    (BUSD late-start K, early-start grades 1-5, Albany early; Kensington)​
  • Third Arrival: The child’s school day ends (or dropped off) in the 3 o’clock hour
    (BUSD late-start grades 1-5, Albany late)

Note: Wednesday is an alternate schedule for BUSD and is not considered when determining arrival time.

Adding or switching days: You may add or switch days, provided there are openings on the desired days, by contacting the office to request a schedule change form.

Reducing days: Registering for Edah is a commitment for the year. If you wish to reduce the number of days you are enrolled, please notify the office by phone or email of the change in attendance. Note that Edah registration fees and tuition and fees are non-refundable and dropping days may not result in a change to your tuition bill. See financial policies for details.

Edah arranges busing to the afterschool program for children at BUSD schools in the service area, as defined by BUSD Transportation. At our University Avenue location, BUSD does not provide bus service for students from Rosa Parks, Emerson, or John Muir. For children coming from schools for which busing is not available, Edah parents may be interested in HopSkipDrive and Zum, two East Bay child-friendly ride services.
If your child rides the bus to Edah, a teacher from their school will escort them to the correct bus.
Updated March 8, 2017
Edah accepts payments via e-check (ACH) only. Payments are processed securely via Bill.com. Paper checks will be converted to electronic payments and the checks shredded.

Edah afterschool tuition can be billed in up to 10 equal payments as a convenience to families. Payments are due on the 1st of the month with a two-week grace period. Late payments may be assessed a 5% late fee each month. Returned checks or insufficient funds will incur 5% late fee, as above, and any related bank charges will be passed on to the family.


For EDAH TUITION ONLY, the following refund schedule applies:

  • Enrollment fees are non-refundable.
  • Withdraw before July 1: 100% of tuition is refundable.
  • Withdraw before August 15: 80% of tuition is refundable.
  • Withdraw August 15 or later: 0% of tuition is refundable.
When registering for Edah, parents commit to a minimum weekly schedule of 2 to 5 days per week. Parents also choose which days their children will attend. Edah recognizes that family schedules change and strives to accommodate such changes, when possible. The following policies apply to changes in a student’s afterschool schedule:

  • Families may request to exchange one day for another (i.e. drop Monday and add Wednesday), however Edah does not guarantee that it will be able to honor every request.
  • Families may add a day to their child’s Edah schedule, provided space is available. Edah will either charge the drop-in rate for the added days in the case of a short-term change, or offer a prorated tuition adjustment for the remainder of the year.
  • Families may drop a day from their child’s schedule by notifying staff of the change in attendance, however this will NOT result in a change in the tuition bill.
  • The minimum attendance commitment for every child at Edah is 2 days per week.
The rate for drop-ins, early drop-off, or late pick-up is $18 per hour, per child. Hours are not prorated and fees may apply after 5 minutes early/late arrival. I.e., if pickup is at 5:30 pm, a parent arriving at 5:35 pm may be charged for 1 hour.

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